What Are the Top Selling Items on Amazon in 2022?

Amazon best sellers

Top selling items on Amazon in 2022: what to sell online right now


  • Listing top selling products on Amazon can be very profitable: if you know what to sell, when to sell and how to pinpoint this
  • In this post you’ll learn about:
  • Amazon’s best sellers for 2022, including what sells best during times of pandemic and lockdowns
  • Best sellers and profitable niches on Amazon KDP
  • Ways to identify the ever-changing top selling items
  • How to maximize your chances of selling what shoppers truly intend to buy on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Now: no time to waste, let’s dig in!

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Top selling items on Amazon in 2022
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Top selling items on Amazon (FBA): selling niche products
Best sellers on Amazon KDP

Top selling items on Amazon in 2022

First, when we talk about the top-selling items on Amazon, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should sell these specific products. Your final call will depend on multiple factors, for example competition, demand in the markets you sell, your specific business situation and so on.

Probably no strategy will guarantee you’ll pick a best seller every time. In fact, you may need to experiment with a few different items. Furthermore, any time you’re looking to add new products, you should research the market to ensure the product will still be in demand by the time you get set up.

All the same, your endeavour should pay off.

Currently it’s looking like personal care items, games, puzzles and fitness equipment are some of the top products to list on the platform.

As a result, consider listing the following top selling items on Amazon:

  • Face masks, e.g. peel-off face masks
  • Nail polish
  • Haircare products
  • Fitness items
  • Yoga mats
  • Water bottles
  • Exercise bands
  • Games and puzzles
  • Board games
  • Laptop skins.

At the same time, bear in mind that coronavirus makes the future a little tricky since shoppers may not have as much money to spend on personal items or gifts. On the other hand, in the era of social distancing and quarantines, many people are turning to Amazon for their personal care needs and entertainment.

As for other predicted best-selling categories, consider:

  • Camera & Photo
  • Handmade
  • Pet Supplies
  • Books: consistently some of the best selling items, especially ebooks sold via the Kindle store.

In general, the following categories have sales potential on Amazon:

  • Toys & Games
  • Electronics
  • Camera & Photo
  • Video Games
  • Books
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Home & Kitchen.

You may want to avoid some categories like CD & Vinyl due to music streaming services that are causing sales for these products to drop dramatically.

The information we’ve covered thus far can already provide you with some inspiration. Still, to help you maximize your chances of getting it right, we’ll need to dig deeper.

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Top selling products based on Amazon best sellers page

A good starting point for identifying top selling items on Amazon is a list of current best-sellers (“our most popular products based on sales”) that the platform itself curates. You can find best seller lists for international marketplaces, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Spain or Germany.

These lists show items that are selling the most across the entire site. They show the most popular products per category, ranging from toys to books to video games.

Amazon’s Best Seller list is updated hourly. Check out the screenshot below to see what was popular at the time when we started working on this article in March.

amazon best sellers

However, when using Amazon’s best seller lists, be aware that:

  • Products found on the best sellers page can be very competitive: after all, every seller has access to this information.
  • Sales of particular products might be trending down, which means you could jump in just as the product stops being in high demand.
  • Some top selling products might not have great sales margins and be profitable.

All the same, we encourage you to pay attention to what sells best and is trending. You might want to get ideas for similar products and also look at the “Customers also bought” section. This can give you ideas to adjust your product portfolio in a way that will grow your ecommerce business on unprecedented levels.

When you’ve identified products with potential, you can track down suppliers that will provide you with those same products or come up with new variations to gain competitive advantage.

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Top selling items on Amazon: product research software

Pinpointing top selling products is more complicated than simply looking at Amazon’s best seller list. It’s just the first step and a way to gather ideas. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find all the relevant information there.

The fact is that you need a more scientific approach. You need to know the stats behind each product before you decide to invest in it:

  • What are its average monthly sales?
  • How many other people are selling it?
  • What is its average price, average reviews or sales history?
  • What kind of sales margins can you expect?
  • Are its sales trending up or down?

As a consequence, consider using third party product research tools that can show you this information, for example AMZScout’s Product Database and Pro Extension.

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