The Lastest Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2022

Marketing Trends an Predictions

Marketing Trends & Predictions  ,Last year, all the marketing trends and predictions I mention end up happening somehow. Now, I want to make you aware of new marketing opportunities for 2022, making it the perfect time to dust off our crystal balls and start predicting what digital marketing trends we can expect to see.

There are several factors to consider in the content marketing realm, such as the continuing impact of the global pandemic, the growth of social platforms like TikTok, and the rise of the creator economy.

So, there’s a fair chance that the state of the marketing industry and the customer habits it fuels will be more exciting and unique than ever before.

Here are our top marketing trends and predictions in digital marketing for 2022:

  1. The Social Impact of Storytelling
  2. Rank and Win with Consumer-Driven Content
  3. Use Personalized Content
  4. Why You Need Shareable Assets
  5. The Influencer Economy
  6. Social E-commerce: The Innovative Way to Virtually Shop
  7. Accessibility in the Digital Age
  8. The Future of Browsing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s take a closer look at these 2022 digital marketing trends!

Marketing Trends & Predictions #1: The Social Impact of Storytelling

We are in an age of conscious consumerism, which means transparency with your audience is necessary.

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Storytelling still is a marketing trend and will continue to be highlighted for you to pay attention to. It sets up a product or service from a positive and authentic perspective. Your content should immerse your users in a world that puts your brand values, voice, and style front and center.

There are many ways to go about storytelling in your content. Here are a few examples that are rising in popularity as avenues for extending brand awareness via storytelling:

  • Customer Testimonials:

  • Customer testimonials are sourced directly from verified buyers. If customers crave authenticity from brands, highlighting customer-lead stories will establish trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Data-Driven Narratives: Data-driven narratives can also influence your customers’ relationship with your brand. Rather than storing data away in the archives, share it with your audience in a creative, thought-provoking way. Data-driven storytelling gives a voice to raw data and can turn insights into action.
  • Visual Content: Visual content, like graphics or videos, helps put a face to the brand. Video (on social media especially) is gaining recognition because it allows brands to directly connect with their audience and showcase themselves in an appealing way. A staggering 93% of marketers consider video content critical to their marketing strategy, meaning it’s almost certain to contribute a positive return on investment (ROI). And the completion rate of interactive videos is 90%, proving it will be effective for generating more leads this year.

Whether you use customer testimonials, data, or video content, there are many ways to weave an exciting story and forge a stronger relationship with your users.

Storytelling isn’t new, it goes back thousands of years. But even today we still use it. Why? Because it’s effective. The only issue is, people don’t use it enough.

Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging

Storytelling has been a long-standing trend, but with conscious consumerism on the rise, there’s now a high emphasis on brand ethics.

For example…

Airbnb used this marketing prediction very well and created a video to tell the unique story of their “Bélo.”

Marketing Trends & Predictions 

After seeing this video, viewers will associate Airbnb with a sense of belonging and inclusion—and that’s just good marketing.

Marketing Trends & Predictions #2: Rank and Win with Consumer-Driven Content

Consumer-driven content centers around the pain points and needs of your target audience. Instead of guessing what your audience wants, use data, surveys, and reviews to understand what type of content they need.

When ideating and producing content, if brands don’t consider all the details that make their audience unique, there is a greater chance that the content will not engage the user in a meaningful way,” says Chad Gilbert, Sr. Director, Content (NP Digital). He adds, “when brands put more emphasis on researching and defining their audience and specific personas, the content production is more successful in terms of quality and ROI.

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