Creating a Blog That’s Built To Sell – What You Need to Know

Creating a Blog  , The big dream for many bloggers is to someday cash out and get that illustrious “sunset money”.

Here’s the thing though:

You won’t have much luck selling your blog if the buyer can’t see themselves able to run the show. So it’s up to you to make sure that they can slide right in.

This means we need to be mindful of how we setup our business from day 1.

The key word in there is “business”. So we really need to start thinking of our blogs in this way.

After selling many sites with our company, Human Proof Designs, it’s been crucial to understand the following guidelines if you want to create a sellable blog.

Creating a Blog
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1) Choose a Topic That’s Easily Outsourced

Now this first point might seem controversial and may even come across like we don’t care about the target audience.

But it’s completely the opposite. This is actually careful consideration for your audience and also for your business.

Blogs that are attractive to investors are usually within a topic that’s easy to find writers for.

Managing writers is no walk in the park and sometimes your best writers might go “missing”.

As publishers and investors, you don’t want to set yourself up for some pain because hiring isn’t particularly fun for anyone and costs more money.

If you’re a long-time blogger and everything is personal to the topics in your life, it’s simply not going to be something you can transfer to a buyer.

While you can outsource a lot of content to sites like Contentmart, the idea to keep in mind is automation and systemization.

There are content creation tools that can help you build a turnkey operation that the new owner can easily take over.

This also means that you’d want to avoid using your name as the brand/domain name.

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2) Publish Content That’s Not Only Attributed To a Single Person

Often times, there’s nothing more attractive to a buyer than a site with multiple contributors.

It means there’s most likely a schedule set in place and if one writer leaves, then the slack can be picked up by the rest of the team. Creating a Blog


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